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a community for all interested in interior design

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welcome to interior_design!

" Interior design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive. Designs are created in response to and coordinated with the building shell, and acknowledge the physical location and social context of the project. Designs must adhere to code and regulatory requirements, and encourage the principles of environmental sustainability. The interior design process follows a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to produce an interior space that fulfills the project goals.

Interior design includes a scope of services performed by a professional design practitioner, qualified by means of education, experience, and examination, to protect and enhance the life, health, safety and welfare of the public. "


" This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in planning, designing, and administering projects in interior spaces to meet the physical and aesthetic needs of people using them, taking into consideration building codes, health and safety regulations, traffic patterns and floor planning, mechanical and electrical needs, and interior fittings and furniture. Interior designers and interior design consultants work in areas, such as hospitality design, health care design, institutional design, commercial and corporate design, and residential design. This industry also includes interior decorating consultants engaged exclusively in providing aesthetic services associated with interior spaces. "


" Architecture's over to the right in the black, and decoration over to the left in the white. We're like that grey matter in between. "

- citrus sunsets

the community

This community is about interior design - anyone who is interested in, going to school for, or working in the field of interior design is welcome here! Interior design is many different things to many different people, so it's hard to sum it up into an all-encompassing definition... so if you can justify that it relates to interior design, feel free to post it. I realize some people get touchy if you call them a decorator (that's understandable). But interior design has a strong foundation in decorating - just look at Elsie de Wolfe! Besides, many of us are more architecturally inclined. Whichever side of the spectrum you're on, realize that whatever comments you make should be constructive, never condescending. A few things you can post include photos of your inspiration, your sketches or projects, the spaces you've designed, etc.; posts asking for advice or clarification; posts about particular firms or educational facilities; posts about program software that's used in the field; and posts generally discussing anything that relate to the field.


• Be active, be nice, be supportive.
• Pictures and long entries under an lj-cut please.
• Never disable, delete, or freeze comments. (If you are requesting members' personal information for a project, or similar, you may screen comments.)
• Don't alter your post's font face, size, color, etc. We want everyone to be able to read your posts on their own individual friends' pages.
• Please label posts accordingly - use an appropriate subject, & use tags*, etc.
NO advertising of any sort unless pre-approved by a maintainer.
• Posts that do not follow the rules WILL be deleted. Double check your entries after you post them!

* tags

The use of tags is crucial for a community to run smoothly. It essentially eliminates repeat questions, and also allows members to find exactly what they're looking for when they're looking for it - wonderful if you're short on time. Currently, maintainers are the only ones allowed to create new tags, but everyone can add them to posts - either your own or someone else's. So choose tags from the tag list appropriate to the posts. To request a tag that doesn't exist, please comment here. To view the current list, please visit here.

introduce yourself

If you'd like, you can introduce yourself to the community. Below is a typical survey, but feel free to be creative and include more or less information.

Please remember to tag your intro posts too!
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