pop_0ff (pop_0ff) wrote in interior_design,

I realize this community has been dead for a while but I'm hoping there are still enough people watching to answer my question.

I'm interested in studying interior design online and was linked to Rhodec through the ASID, along with other, much more expensive schools. Rhodec seems to be the only affordable option I found, however I'm nervous that it's just another scam school.

At first glance it appears legit, you can join ASID, IIDA, and apparently sit for the NCIDQ with the info you learned there. But I cannot for the life of me find external reviews for the school.

I went to the NCIDQ website to find out schools they accept but they only list physical schools not online schools. So I'm at a roadblock here. I want to find out from students of the school if it was legit, if they secured employment after, if it prepared them for the NCIDQ, and if it was a recnogised degree (you'll find with a lot of scam schools that people wind up being turned away from employers because they don't recognize the school as credible).

So did any of you attend or know anyone who attended who could give me feedback?
Tags: education: online courses, location: u.s. - new hampshire
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