The Sausage King of Chicago (banshee) wrote in interior_design,
The Sausage King of Chicago

Starting a non-traditional home-based business

I was wondering if anyone here is successfully running a non-traditional design/decor business (such as home staging), and if you have any tips on getting started?

I have a 2-year interior design degree (I don't live anywhere near a 4-year program that doesn't have a years-long waitlist), and am in the beginning stages of starting a home-based business geared towards nursery and children's room design. Because of the very specific nature of the business, vendors I'd be using would be all over the map and not really conducive to the traditional route of ordering wholesale and taking profit from markups on draperies, etc. I was hoping to go fee-based for design services, prepare orders for clients, assist in bringing the room together, etc, but leave the individual purchase responsibility up to the client themselves. Does this sound reasonable? I swear, every home-based interior design business resource I've come across deals only with how to take profit from marking up incredibly expensive wholesale frippery, and although I'm not going to make a million bucks going for fee-based services, I don't want to be put into the position of having to eat the cost of a designer crib that wasn't available at a discount, you know?

If anyone has any insight, I'd really appreciate it!
Tags: entrepreneurship
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