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Introduction post

* Name?. Olga
* Student or Professional? Student, Ryerson School of Interior Design- 3rd year
* Why did you choose this field? I like the fact that you can be creative and make a difference in one go. I tend to notice thing that are designed very poorly and I want to fix them. By poor I mean whoever designed it didn't think enough about universal design and could have made different choices to increase better quality of air, light, etc of the space.
* Are you interested in commercial, residential, or both? Right now I'm willing to try anything, but I would like to get involved with retail and hospitality. I would like to design things for children.
* Do you prefer a particular design style? Well I love funky things that are curvy yet sharp. So in terms of structual, stuff like Hadid and Gehry really catches my eye. I don't really go for a "style" I just like certain aspects from some precedents that I find inspiring.I love when there are big vistas for natural light and smooth finishes. In terms of ornament I like middle eastern motifs. So a bit of eveything really.
* What is your favorite aspect of interior design? The fact that I get to actually create something out of nothing. I like how it would involve doing many things like various programs and hands on building so it can never get boring.
* What is your least favorite aspect of interior design? having little time to do something and clients who want to much in that little amount of time..and therefore losing sleep haha.
* What would you like to be doing in 10 years? as stated before, I would like to design things for children, I'm not too sure what yet but right now i'm pretty much open to anything.
* What is your favorite building? Your favorite piece of furniture? That is tough, I have either too many or can't choose one. the Taj Mahal, all the things poping into my head are pretty much built in the old days like roman bathhouses and whatnot, anything grand scale I like. The seats by Dedon, they are quite comfy and look cool too.
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